deerhoof: 0 seconds pause

October 19, 2007 in all, audial

I’ve been in love with Deerhoof ever since I met Greg and Satomi at the now defunct Blackbird here in Portland sometime in 2002. Priya and Robert of KLS had included a ripped 7” of theirs in a mix-disc sent the year before. When I let them know they were coming to town, they asked me to say Hi. I did, and was floored by how incredibly good Deerhoof were — both as live musicians and as people.

There’s a chord of playful purity that has remained imbued within their expertly kiltered and often densely frenetic sound that carries a very literal sense of all-ages streaming through all that they do.

When I mentioned that my kids loved them too, they were genuinely affected and told me that it was the best compliment anyone could ever give their music. We spoke of setting up shows exclusively for kids and although a venue didn’t materialize in time, they’ve gone on to play for audiences of costumed little ones many times since. They even accompanied a children’s interpretive ballet performance of Milk Man.

A recently offered free mp3 album full live shows, covers and web collabs at their site, included the caveat that it would be best to download now and ask questions later, since it was uncertain how long the album would remain available.

It struck me as a good opportunity to return the love and deliver up a packaged collab of my own. I grabbed the 0 Seconds Pause title from their listening suggestions, set-up album tags and info, and pulled together some shots I took from that first show in ‘02 with hopes of keeping the goodness floating around long after it slips from the site —Enjoy.

Deerhoof: 0 Seconds Pause (62.5mb,, MF)

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