how wings are attached to the backs of angels

December 22, 2008 in all, drawn, motion

Ever have one of those days where all of your actions feel calculated? Automated, even? Make coffee » Clean » Scrape ice » Reverse/Low gear (repeat) » Poke holes in the bag, drain… It’s interesting (to me at least) that on a day like that (today), I chose to finally watch Craig Welch‘s How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels.

…a wonderful animated (short) film by Craig Welch and the National Film Board of Canada (nfb). The nfb has a reputation for releasing great animation such as this. “How Wings…” reminds me of Edward Gorey, but it stands on its own. —Smart People I Know

“How Wings…” is the fascinating story of how an old, wealthy inventor protects himself from the outside world while he works feverishly on his plan to surgically attach a pair of wings to the back of a woman he envisions as his angel. It is a remarkable and beautiful film – see it if you have the chance. —Maverick-34 from Edmonton, Canada (imdb)

Glad to provide the opportunity for that chance. The reference to Gorey is accurate. Several scenes reminded me of Woodring as well and served as a reminder to finish up my post about him. Soonly.

Enjoy this.

via: Smart People I know / imdb