there is xerox on the insides of your eyelids

February 12, 2008 in all, design, photography

I’ve been working on a post for this show since Rich Jacobs contacted me through Garry Davis to be a part of it. That post has become an epic tome documenting my experiences in the early 80′s skate zine phenomena that despite my best efforts, shows no sign of being finished any time soon and has evolved into something else altogether.

So — I’m keeping it on the back burner, simmering until done.

In the meantime, There is Xerox on the Insides of Your Eyelids opened last Saturday (2/9) at the Needles and Pens gallery in San Francisco. Billed as, “an art exhibition exploring the realm of 1980′s skate zines & xerox art from a small space in time (about 20 years ago), + what they do now.” and featuring “the zines & art of the original makers and xerox tweakers / stamp lickers / mail artists…”, the show was curated by artist/curator and zine maker, Rich Jacobs (Skate-Edge + Move). Though I remember Skate-Edge with uncertain clarity, I recently became (re)aquatinted with Rich via his posts on GSD’s myspace page and their semi-recentish zine collab, Be Quiet (Maybe You Should Try It).

Focused primarily on zines that merged skateboarding with art and blurred the lines between, the show documents a condensed sampling of a decade’s worth of xerox art spanning the early 80′s and 90′s.

Included in the show are a group of zine makers occasionally referred to (by ourselves) as the Circle. Individuals who found each other through skateboarding, stapled xerox, and a short-lived art collective called The Basement. Friends who’s postal connections were also documented in I Check the Mail Only When Certain It Has Arrived (Bend Press, 1994).

Interspersed with current works, the show displays evidence of twin obsessions that foreshadowed today’s movement in contemporary art and continues to drive our own lives on one level or another to this day.

Thanks Rich!

NEEDLES AND PENS / MOVE 15: “There is Xerox on the Insides of Your Eyelids”
Opening: SATURDAY FEB 9TH (6-10pm)
Curated by Rich Jacobs.
An art exhibition exploring the realm of 1980s Skate Zines & Xerox Art featuring the zines and art of the original makers with work from : Garry S. Davis (skate fate), Tod Swank (swank zine), Thomas Campbell (joke), Chris Johanson (karma boarder), Andy Jenkins (bend), Bernie McGinn (tiki), Kevin Wilkins (7 zine), John Dettman-Lytle (naughty nomads), Mark Waters (408), Rich Jacobs (skate-edge), Jocko Weyland (elk, revenge against boredom, author of: the answer is never), Dennis Remsing (rem zine), Dan Estabrook (contort), Tim Kerr (Big Boys), Chris Shary (burly obsession zine-uk), Ron Cameron (dope zine- a blockhead mag, and skate slate), Mofo (thrasher mag photographer ), Rodger Bridges (grim ripper, powerhouse, dancing skeleton zines) …and more!!

There is Xerox on the Insides of Your Eyelids
Opening photos: Bluno / Flickr (p: B.McGinn)
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